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So I was doing a little stock take of life the other night. You know how it is, when you’re woken at 3am and suddenly your mind is whirling with arbitrary thoughts and ideas. None of which are useful in any way to you at that ungodly hour, but serve to ensure that you are awake til at least 6am.

Anyway, I started thinking about stuff that makes me happy. The little things that bring me joy, even if just for a fleeting moment. And of course, being that night time waking often brings out negative thoughts, I also mulled over the things that annoy or irritate me. Those little niggly things that grate on you and wear you down.

So, after 2 hours less sleep than I should really have gotten, and feeling ready for a good solid nap at around 6am, I had created the lists below. I decided to separate them into two lists (cause who doesn’t love a list?). Things I love and Things I hate.

10 things I LOVE

  1.  walking barefoot on the grass or a sandy beach
    This is a odd one really as I also adore shoes. But I think it’s a reflection of my childhood. I spent most of my days barefoot. Even in school, we were allowed to walk in our socks or barefoot on hot days.
  2.  the smell of sweet flowers at dusk or dawn in my garden
    This is a more recent happy thing. Since spending so much time making my garden a place I am happy to spend time in, I have begun to appreciate the quiet and peace of the early morning or late evening outside. Usually I’m alone at these times, meaning I can really take in the sights and smells of nature and I have some gorgeous fragrant plants which make me breathe deeply and relax.
  3.  cuddles and hugs from my children
    I adore the feeling of little arms wrapped around my waist or neck. I adore the weight of a little face resting on my shoulder. I love to bury my face in their hair or necks and encompass them in my embrace. I can honestly say, I can’t get enough hugs from my chuildren and am very pleased to say that they are only too happy to oblige!
  4.  going for a walk/run/ride with my ear phones on, listening to music
    This is dual purpose alone time and exercise. I love the sense of freedom and the feeling that exercise gives my body. 
  5.  making stuff…paper crafting, baking, jam making, planting 
    Being creative relaxes me. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I make something that I or, my family and friends can enjoy. I love how it makes me feel to be able to give a gift that I have made with that person in mind. Using my creative abilities for something other than children’s activities makes my self worth soar.
  6.  reading a book in the sunshine
    Something about the combination of sunshine, be it a sunny patch on the bed or sofa, or on a lounger in the garden, reading  in the sunshine makes me  all “warm and fuzzy” literally! It feels like a mini holiday, a complete break from the normal day to day.
  7.  candles
    What wonderful events and possibilities candles represent. Birthdays, romantic dinners, cosy autumn nights. Just lighting a candle fills me with anticipation. I love the sense of warmth they give to a space, the aroma of scented candles matched to the occasion, the subtle glow and gentle light they give off. Candles really make me feel peaceful. Scented candles also evoke memories and stimulate thoughts. I associate cinnamon or vanilla candles with Christmas, family and cosy nights in front of the fire place. I use fresh, clean soapy scented candles in the bathroom and toilet to mask any body smells. Ewww!
  8.  visiting new places…travel
    Going places and seeing things that you could not otherwise see at home is so important to opening your mind to the world. There is so much to experience, so much to learn, so much to inspire you. 
  9.   pretty things..home decorative, clothes, shoes
    In this way, I’m as girly as it gets. I love soft furnishings, ornate patterns on picture frames, cosy rather than fashionable furniture, and photos. I enjoy clothes that make me feel pretty and that are comfortable- not always a successful combo! and I do love a good pair of shoes. I’m a heel girl, so  I definitely have a thing for a nice pair of heels..they don’t have to be practical..just gorgeous!
  10. my computer..well not the actual machine, but where it can take me and what it can do for me. It is a  way to talk to and catch up with family and friends far away. It provides a way to write my thoughts and ideas and share them via this blog. It’s a place I can design and create websites and blogs for others and it’s a place where I can be creative.

  10 things I HATE

  1.  cleaning bathrooms… well, does anyone actually like this chore? I mean, surely no one gets joy from scrubbing the bath or toilet. Mopping the floor or descaling the shower head?
  2.  ironing: this is a thankless as it gets. Iron, hang, put on, 5 minutes later=creased. I intentionally buy clothes for myself that is crease resistant or that seems to not need ironing. BUT hubbies work shirts are always needing ironing and let’s face it, it’s more interesting to watch paint dry!
  3.  not being listened to: and I don’t mean only by kids. I mean by other significant people in my life. I hate feeling like I speak and they are hearing but not listening. It makes me feel under valued when I’m not listened to.
  4.  fickle people: we all know someone like this. All smiley and nice to your face but nastiness personified behind your back.
  5.  grocery shopping: boring! enough said.
  6.  inconsiderate behaviour: call me crazy but I think it takes nothing to call or text when you are running late, to be quiet when someone is resting, to not drop your clothes on the floor for someone else to sort out later, to put dishes in the dishwasher, to offer someone a drink when you get one for yourself..the list is endless. But to me it’s the little things. In short, I think it takes nothing to take a second to think what your actions mean to another and how you’d feel if it were you on the receiving end and then modify that behaviour.
  7.  the television being on all day: it’s noisy, distracting, prevents meaningful conversation and is often mindless drivel droning on in the background.
  8.  that I can’t eat whatever I want and stay slim: yes well, don’t we all want that?
  9.  clutter: I like everything to have it’s place. Mess everywhere disturbs my inner peace. I don’t mind stuff and mess when activity is taking place, but at the end, I like everything to be packed in it’s place. I hate windowsills covered in knickknacks and cupboards stuffed so full you have unpack half of it to get to something. My home is currently a place that has very little storage. I’m struggling. I find it exceptionally difficult to keep my house clean when it’s cluttered. Clutter is demotivating and demoralising.
  10. budgets: Keeping track of money, although necessary, is not fun. My husband is  a “budgeter”. He likes to know exactly where every penny goes. He likes it noted and will sit with the bank statements and item everything on it to make sure he knows where every withdrawal was spent on.

I’m glad I had a little evaluate of these little things, even if it was at a time of night I should really have been fast asleep! Do you ever have those mind churning hours in the middle of the night? What sort of things pop into your head?

I’d better head to bed now so that I can hopefully squeeze in around 6 hours…here’s hoping for a thought-free night…


Author: Carla

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