Spider Sing-along Songs

Get a little silly with these Spidery Songs. They are sung to the tunes of well known songs so they should be easy for your toddler to learn!


I’m a Little Spider sung to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot

I’m a little spider watch me spin
If you’ll be my dinner
I’ll let you in
Then I’ll spin a web to hold you tight
And gobble you up in ONE BIG BITE!


Here’s another spider song.



The Spider’s in the Web sung to the tune of  The Farmer’s in the Dell

The spider’s in the web, the spider’s in the web
spin , spin, oh watch him spin,
The spider’s in the web.
The spider eats a_____ ( any kind of bug)
The spider eats a_____.
Spin spin oh watch him spin the spider’s in the web.

Spiders crawl around, 
Spiders up and down, 
Spiders, spiders make a web, 
Spiders circle ‘round. 

Spiders in and out, 
Spiders all about, 
Spiders, spiders make a web,
Spiders all sit down. 

*You could easily make up actions for these songs…so get your little ones moving.

Author: Carla

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