20 Quick meal ideas for fussy kids

Sometimes it is just not possible to get fancy with the evening meal. Busy days at school and work mean that often, a quick solution is needed. Here are some fuss free ideas for the family to enjoy.

quick meals, fussy kids

These ideas are both simple and quick and are perfectly suited to please fussy kids. Why not try out these meal ideas on your fussy kids and see how many you are able to add to your weekly menu plan.

1. Baked potatoes with various toppings: cheese and beans, prawn marie rose, tuna mayo, chicken mayo, ham, bacon,
2. Rainbow pizza: Pizza toppings (choose any 3): grated Carrots, sliced Mushrooms ,chopped Broccoli, Pineapple chunks, chopped green or red Pepper, sliced courgette, ham, sausage, cheeses
3. Lasagne *
4. Spaghetti Bolognese *
5. Mac ‘n cheese
6. Carbonara
7. Frittata/ omelettes
8. Pasta with a plain tomato (passata) sauce
9. Shepherds pie *
10. Fish pie
11. Pasta bake
12. Quiche
13. Wraps with various fillings
14. Silly spaghetti
15. Hot dogs with salad/chips/garlic bread
16. Fish fingers/ fillets with salad/chips/garlic bread
17. Chicken nuggets with salad/chips/garlic bread
18. Chicken kebabs with salad/chips/garlic bread
19. Chicken and couscous salad
20. Burgers and oven chips *

* mince can be chicken, lamb, pork or beef mince

If you like these ideas and are looking for more advice or some tips on getting your fussy kids to eat a wider variety of foods, take a look at How to stop fussy eaters.

I’d love to hear about the ones you’ve tried and whether they were a success for your fussy child. Comment and let me know!
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