15 ‘No chocolate’ advent calendar ideas

15 child friendly advent calendar ideas

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Advent calendars can be any sort of count down you wish. Many people opt for the simple store bought chocolate calendars, but what if your little one has an allergy? Or if you just don’t enjoy chocolates?

Here is a round up of advent calendars that don’t have chocolate.

  1. Wrap a small Christmas themed book up and number the wrapping paper..one per day
  2. Fill small boxes with sweets or small toys, wrap and open one a day
  3. Hang socks on a washing line, number them and place sweets or toys in each sock. Child opens on per day
  4. Buy a wooden advent calendar (there are loads if you do a web search!) that you can fill the drawers with anything you like-best thing it is reusable!
  5. Make a hamper of toys, DVDs, CDs, books, crafts..have child take one item per day
  6. Do a Santa’s beard count down poster.
  7. Burn an advent calendar candle each day
  8. Remove a counter/marble from a jar each day until it is empty.
  9. Do the Christmas  Elf  tradition and start on the 1 st December…his daily antics and activities can be in place of a calendar.
  10. Stick a sticker on each day of  a December calendar printout.
  11. Write a card for each day of advent and place it in a jar. Child pulls out a card each day and does what it says on the card.
  12. Create a December “bucket list” and pick one to do each day
  13. Wrap 24 tree decorations. Open one each day and hang it on your tree.
  14. Write a countdown on a chalkboard…x days to go!
  15. Make a large Tree poster. Have your child stick one decoration (cut out/painted or sticker) onto each number on the tree ’til all are covered.

 Enjoy your countdown!

Author: Carla v H.

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