17 Ways to teach the Letter P

Have some fun teaching your little one all, about the letter ‘p’ with these fun activities. Forget about being formal and sitting around looking at letters..these activities are creative and will get you moving while you learn.

learning to read, letter p,

  1. Light a candle and have your child puff the letter ‘p’ and see if he can make the flame wobble
  2. Make a paper pirate, pig, parrot or puppy
  3. Read a story or pre-prepared block of text that contains a lot of  letter ‘p’s, have a pot of popcorn, your child eats one popcorn each time he hears a ‘p’
  4. Make a ‘p’ poster of all the ‘p’ objects you can find.
  5. Have a Wear Pink and Purple day
  6. Pose for a picture (photo), or ask your child to paint your portrait
  7. Make a ‘p’ shape with your body
  8. fill a bucket with bubbles or do this at bath time, have your child puff the bubbles off his hand as he says the letter ‘p’
  9. Dress up as a pirate, princess, postman, pig etc
  10. Make a ‘p’ meal: pizza, peaches, pasta, pumpkin, plums…
  11. play on a piano or build puzzles
  12. make a paper napkin parachute and attach a toy action figure/Lego man
  13. Cut out a large letter ‘p’. Glue dried pasta to the letter
  14. Write a postcard and post it in a postbox
  15. make a pretend Pizza Parlor and have your child make you fake paper plate pizzas with a choice of toppings: pineapple, pepperoni, peppers…
  16. Make a paper plate planet using sparkly bits of paper glued onto a paper plate
  17. Make a princess wand


Author: Carla

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