15 Ways to Teach the Letter A

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How to teach the letter A

  1. Dip and do finger prints on printed letter A
  2. Find images of ‘a’ objects and stick onto a page
  3. Draw ‘a’ and trace ‘a’
  4. fill a page with ‘a’ and similar letters-ask child to trace over/cross off /tick all the ‘a’ letters only
  5. Make a paper plate Angel
  6. Write an A in the middle of the page, have child draw things beginning with A around the letter
  7. Make ‘a’ out of play dough or plasticine
  8. Cut out a large A, stick small pictures of objects beginning with ‘a’ onto the A shape
  9. Paint a paper plate red, add a stem and write a on it..a paper plate apple!
  10. Cut an apple in half and dip in paint..print Apples on a sheet of paper
  11. Use an ear-bud to paint with dots along the letter A and a
  12. Make an Ant puppet..using 3 circles , six strips and googly eyes. Attached to a stick.
  13. Make letter a from pipe cleaners
  14. Colour by letter..have children colourful capital A one colour and lowercase letter a another…
  15. Draw up a  table, cut out words from magazines and newspapers or print them out. Children sort those with ‘a’ into one side of table and others in to the other side of the table.

Author: Carla

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