13 Ways to teach the Letter i

How to teach the letter i

Teaching sounds and letters should be fun for both you and your child. Use art and crafts, physical activity and experiences to make the letter more real to your child. This post is about the letter ‘i’ and how to enjoy teaching it to your child.

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  1. Make ice cream…or even easier, eat ice cream
  2. Make coloured ice and let your child play with it as it melts
  3. find small objects that begin with ‘i’, as you say the objects name have your child place it IN a box
  4. Make an igloo out of packaging peanuts.
  5. Make an Indian headdress with feathers
  6. Draw a large jar on paper and have your child fill it with drawings/cut outs/stickers of insects
  7. Use an upside down hand print as dripping ice cream and place onto a cone shape card
  8. Draw an igloo onto paper, cut out squares of sparkly silver paper and glue them as the bricks to the igloo
  9. Blow up a balloon and place into a cone shaped piece of card. Stick colourful dots onto the balloon as sprinkles
  10. Trace over the letter ‘i’ on paper
  11. Cut out a large I and have your child glue insect pics onto it
  12. Draw the letter ‘i’ in some shaving foam on a baking sheet, do some shaving cream art.
  13. Use toilet roll/ cardboard tubes and cut them into thirds, glue them to make an inchworm with pipe-cleaners as antennae

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Author: Carla v H.

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