A Christmas Eve visit from the Pajama Elves

Well, Christmas eve arrived and was the usual flurry of activity. We attended the Crib service at church and then had our annual Christmas Eve concert at home with friends and family.

A visit from the Pajama Elves

When that had finished, I asked the children if they had checked to see if the Pajama Elves had been (we had read the storybook and were anticipating a visit!) They ran to the front door and checked but there were no parcels there. I reminded them that sometimes the elves leave the parcel on the end of the bed.

They thundered up the stairs and I heard squeals of excitement as they discovered these pretty parcels on their beds.

pyjama elves, pajama elves, www.toddlebabes.co.uk

Pretty parcels from The Pajama Elves

pyjama elves, pajama elves, www.toddlebabes.co.uk

1,2,3…one each!


They brought them downstairs and ripped into them. Inside was a pair or Pajamas each. They were so excited. Pajamas on Christmas eve from the Pajama Elves meant that they are on the good list!


Here they are all in their new ‘onesie’ pajamas, about to go to bed on Christmas Eve. Let’s hope the sleepy magic sewn into them works!

Click on this link if you don’t know the story of the Pajama Elves!

Author: Carla v H.

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