Enjoying an Indoor Snowball fight

The Adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf

Day 13

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Indoor Snowball Fight!

Jingle was found sitting behind a huge pile of Snowballs in our lounge. The snowballs were soft, white and a little bit sparkly, in fact there was glitter lightly sprinkled on the carpet. These Snowballs were the perfect size to throw-slightly smaller than a tennis ball. He said he had brought these magical-never-melting-soft-safe-to-throw-inside snowballs from the North Pole and told us to share them out 10 balls each and to get ready for a n indoor snowball fight. (Kids only). So with the 30 balls shared out equally, the children sheepishly started throwing them around . I say sheepishly, as they NEVER get to throw things in the house-especially not in the lounge/sitting room.

BUT once hubby and I got involved and “stole” a few balls from each of them and let off a volley of well aimed balls it was a free for all and we spent a good few minutes pelting each other . There was much raucous laughter, lots of falling, giggling, hysterical screaming and evasive manoeuvrings! It was a superb way to start a Saturday morning! I highly recommend having an indoor snowball fight. No coats, hats, gloves or scarves needed. No one gets cold or wet and the balls don’t smash apart and there is no mess afterwards! Good clean family fun.

Author: Carla

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