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The adventures of Jingle, Our Christmas Elf

Day 15

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How to Grow your own Christmas tree

Have you ever grown your own Christmas tree? We haven’t! I have always liked the idea of growing one that we can bring in once it is the right size and then plant out in the garden to have an outside on to decorate for the month of December. We finally have a garden big enough to cope with planting a proper Christmas tree (which our elf must have noticed).

So today Jingle provided us with a “Grow your Own Tree ” Kit. We found him sitting on a miniature sofa (which he had moved from my daughter’s bedroom) in the kitchen and in front  of him was a bag containing seeds and a growing compost mixture/medium. We had to follow the instructions on the bag which promised that the tree would grow 4 inches in 3 weeks. I’ll let you know if it worked in a month or so’s time! After 12 weeks it is supposed to be ready to plant out in the garden!

 grow your own christmas tree grow your own christmas tree

This is what the kit claims:

  • 4″ high in 3 weeks
  • 20″ high in 12 weeks-ready to plant outside
  • it contains magic growing soil

All we have top do is put the contents of the bag into a plant pot, water and leave to germinate. Then care for as you would any other plant.


We planted our seeds in a small pot in the growing mixture provided.


 In goes the seeds.

We’ll report back in a few weeks! watch this space.

Author: Carla

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