Let’s pretend to be Elves

The adventures of Jingle, Our Christmas Elf  Day 18


3 Little Pretend Elves

During the night , Jingle crept into my boys bedroom. They had chosen to sleep together on the bottom bunk, as they often do, so he made himself comfortable on the top bunk to watch them sleeping. When they found him, his note said that he wanted to play pretend at being elves and that he had hidden 3 elf hats for them to find.

Elf Hats

The hats were labelled Made with Love by Santa.

elf dress up, elf hats

Three hats with Christmas workshop bauble shaped tags.

 The search commenced. After lots of to’ing and fro’ing  all three elf hats had been found. The children had a good giggle trying them on and seeing themselves with elf ears in the mirror. They did make very cute little elves! We were amazed to notice that the label  in the hat had a personal label which said “Made with Love by Santa”. How thrilling! My youngest promptly got into character and chose his elf name-Pointy Ears. He wore his hat to school and we introduced him to his teacher by his new name. She was a star and played along beautifully asking me when my son would be back and if Pointy Ears was also as well behaved as he is!

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Have you got any elves in your house?

Author: Carla

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