16 ways to teach the letter n

How to teach the letter n

Learning letters can be a little boring for little people, so I have tried to put in as many fun ways to learn as possible. This week we are looking at the letter ‘n‘. I do hope you find something here that you can do with your child.

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  1. ‘n’ is for needle: Use a needle to sew around a cardboard letter ‘n’.  The large plastic needles are good. Use a hole punch to make large holes for him to sew through.
  2. ‘n’ is for nails: Partially knock nails in the shape of a ‘n’ into a piece of wood. Have your child knock the nails in with a hammer. He can then weave colourful wool in and out around the nails.
  3. ‘n’ is for nails: Paint your child’s nails in a variety of fun colours- best to do this over a weekend when they are not in school! 😉
  4. ‘n’ is for number nine: Draw a large number nine and have him write 9’s all over the larger 9. This links number work with literacy.
  5. ‘n’ is or necklace: Make a pasta or bead necklace, use 9 bead/pasta pieces.
  6. ‘n’ is for nurse: Dress up as a nurse and play doctors and nurses.
  7. ‘n’ is for noise: Get noisy, make a noise using nine different instruments.
  8. ‘n’ is for names: can you find names that have ‘n’ in them? Make a list. Does your name have an ‘n’. Write the ‘n”s in a different colour.
  9. Collect pictures from magazines or on the internet and cut them out and paste them onto a page or onto a Letter N
  10. Glue pasta to a ‘n’ shape card
  11. ‘n’ is for night: Paint paper black and stick stars and a moon onto it…
  12. ‘n’ is for nest: make bird’s nest snacks using all bran and chocolate with chocolate eggs in them. OR Make a nest out of half 2 halves of a paper plate to create a envelope and tuck  some chicks into the nest. Decorate the nest with torn paper or straw/hay.
  13. Make a Noah’s Ark and choose 9 animals to put in it..(newt, nightingale, nurse shark)
  14. Laminate a sheet of paper with the letter ‘n’ printed on it. Have the child trace over them with whiteboard markers
  15. Open a  play restaurant. Have your child role play as a chef and serve you up noodles, naan bread, nectarines, new potatoes, nougat, nuggets, nuts, nutella etc. You could create a real meal together using some of these foods for your lunch or supper.
  16. ‘n’ is for nose: dampen a few cotton balls with smelly liquids: try lemon juice, coffee, bubble-bath, vanilla essence, tomato sauce. Blindfold your child and have them use their nose to tell them what they are smelling.

Thanks for stopping by to find out about  about how to help your child learn to read. I had fun compiling this list of activities and hope that you find the them helpful. Please take a look at my other posts for more educational activities and ideas.

Author: Carla v H.

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