20 Ways to teach the letter D

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We’re really getting into our letters! This week, it is the letter D. I do hope you’re enjoying using some of the ideas in my previous How to teach posts. I know my youngest is having a great time learning his letters. He even asks me when he can do the next one! As always, I promise a variety of ways to teach tis sound so am pretty sure you’ll find at least one activity that will suit your child’s learning style.

Ideas for teaching the Letter D

letter d

  1.  Pretend to be playing an invisible drum and say d  d d as you slap your hands up and down (of course if you have a real drum, you could use that too!)
  2. Make a collection of items beginning with d, place them in a box. sneak an item NOT beginning with d into the box and ask your child to find the offending item.
  3. Provide writing sheets for your child to trace over the letter shape with finger/crayon/felt tip etc. If you can laminate them, then use a dry-wipe pen for repeated use.
  4. Cut out a large letter d (lowercase) and a small circle for the head and some triangle-like shapes for the spine…make a dinosaur by sticking the circle at the top of the d and the triangles along the rounded back of the letter.
  5.  Make a duck out of a capital letter D. cut orange feet shapes, a beak, a small wing and head shape and stick it onto a D cutout or drawing on paper.
  6. Write D id for Daddy along the top of a sheet of paper, have your child draw a picture of daddy and write the word /label daddy underneath.
  7. Get out your Duplo and paint. Have your child do printing with the Duplo on paper.
  8. Draw or print an outline of a duck on paper. Let you child stick feathers or tissue paper on the body. Write D is for Duck/ d is for duck.
  9. what child does not enjoy stickers? Get out your sticker dots and give your child a cutout or printed D. Have them stick dots onto the letter. D is for dot.
  10. D is for dog. Role play with soft toy Dogs. Set up a vets area for your child to enjoy.
  11. Visit a shelter or pet shop and look at dogs.
  12. Take books out of the library about dogs, ducks, dinosaurs etc and read them together. Ask them to point at the letter d in the text whenever they see it/hear it.
  13. Make giant paper daisies out of paper plates and tissue paper.
  14. Look at real daisies and then paint daisies on large pieces of paper. You could even have a go at printing with them using the flower head.
  15.  Make a meal out of food beginning with d. Dough balls, doughnuts, duck, danish, devilled eggs, dill pickles, dried fruit, dark chocolate, dumplings, domino’s pizza, Doritos
  16. Cut pictures out of magazines of items beginning with d. Stick them onto a sheet of paper.
  17. find all pictures of animals  beginning with d .   Print them out and make a little booklet.
  18.  Use this list of books for teaching the letter d from Amy at www.wildflowerramblings.com
  19. use two old tissue boxes ( you know the ones you use to blow your nose with the holes in the top) paint them green and give them toes..you have Dinosaur feet to stomp around in!
  20. Dress up as a donkey, doctor, dinosaur, duck, devil etc

Well, I think that may be enough ways to teach the letter d for now. I do hope you find something you enjoy doing.Please let me know if you use any of these ideas in your classroom or at home with your children. I’d love to see what you’ve been up to. Have fun! next week the letter g…

Author: Carla v H.

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