Gluten free snacks for kids

Are there Gluten Free Snacks and treats?

Nowadays a staggering number of young people are diagnosed as intolerant to gluten. Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley and any foods made with these grains. Avoiding wheat can be especially hard because this means you should avoid all wheat-based flours and ingredients. This can be a real problem for parents who want to make sure they can enjoy the same eating routine as everyone else. It takes time to clear out the many items that have gluten hidden within and start anew. Fortunately for many, the rise in gluten intolerance has resulted in a rise in gluten free products being made available at regular supermarkets. 

My family has recently started lowering our grain consumption. This means that we are consciously avoiding many foods that contain gluten. Not because we have been diagnosed gluten intolerant, but rather because I have been reading into the benefits of a gluten free diet for both adults and children. I have been especially interested to note that the carbohydrates in gluten-containing foods, if not used by the body, cause an excess of glucose in the blood, which in turn gets stored as body fat. And I know that excess body fat is not something I want , nor something I want my children to struggle with. Cutting out Gluten and other grains certainly seems to be working for my overall general health and fat loss!

When you have children you’re faced with the added trickiness of finding suitable gluten free snacks. Until I decided to go as gluten free as possible for my children, it was easy to just make a sandwich or give them a cereal bar. Suddenly I’ve noticed all the hidden places that gluten is…and finding suitable snacks has become a bit more of a dedicated part of my weekly shop. Don’t despair though, I’m pleased to discover that there are thousands of products out there these days that are going to do the job and help keep them healthy.

Most cookie mix manufacturers have realised that they can leave the gluten out of their product and still provide their customers with an amazing taste. That is why many of the cake and cookie mixes you’ll find on shelves in your local store these days are wheat and gluten-free. You’ll also be glad to know that most crisps on the market these days do not contain gluten. While you will still want to read the packaging information for other nasties, looking for those labelled ‘natural’ is a good place to start. Of course, fruit based snacks are often gluten free. I would say that you should always check those labels. Sometimes gluten is included in many food items you would not even think that it would be in.

Thankfully if you’re throwing a party for kids or just want to treat them, Chocolate or Candy is a treat most children are pleased to receive. As you can see from the fun and interesting infographic below, the candy industry has undergone many changes since it first started in the 1800s. However, adding gluten-free products is thought to be one of the most sensible advancements of the last century. There are now many available that your gluten intolerant child can enjoy.

Credit CandyFavorites

I’ve been working on some gluten free recipes too so look out for them in the next few weeks in the recipe section of my blog. I’m including the effects that going grain free has had on my body with regard to health and fat loss too. So please stop by to find out how going gluten and grain free has changed our lives.

Author: Carla

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