Fairy Tale Dress Up Characters for Boys

Fairy Tale dress up ideas for boys

Fairy Tale dress up ideas for boys can be a real conundrum. This week my 5 year old came home with a letter detailing what they would be learning this term in class. Their literacy topic is Fairy Tales and as part of this topic, they have been asked to dress as a fairy tale character for a special day at school.

As far as Fairy Tale dress up goes,  immediately loads of princesses popped into my head, but unsurprisingly not so many boy characters came to mind. All I could think of were a whole lot of Princes, the dwarfs and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast and none of those inspired my boy.  Now before you get all gender-stereotype-correct on me, my son does not want to dress as one of the traditional girl characters. If your girl wants to dress up as one of these from our list however, she should definitely go for it and likewise, if your little guy wants to be a princess or another girl character then go ahead!

After coming up a little shy on ideas, I went to our bookcase to search though our Fairy tale books. I googled and searched the internet and checked out the local library for male or animal fairy tale characters for him to dress up as. There were more than I thought but many were from stories we were not familiar with. We put together a list of the ones we found to share with you and included links to images to help you get an idea of how to dress for each.

Here are the Male or Animal characters we found

Luckily my boy decided he wants to be an Elf from The Elves and the Shoemaker story. I say luckily because we have elf outfits in our dress up box from Christmas! We also don’t own a copy of the story so I found a book cover in google images and printed it out for him to take with him.


Here’s a link to a list containing more obscure fairy tales that you may like to try.


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