32 World Book Day Dress Up Ideas

Some inspiration for World Book Day dress up.

World Book day does not have be a stressful event for dressing up. We usually go through our dress up box and pick out items we think we can turn into a character from a book. Rather than finding a book we love and trying to get the costume, we go with who can we be using  xyz!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (commonly shortened to Alice in Wonderland) is an 1865 novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.

Alice – again from our dress up box, the rabbit and a knights outfit which covers any of the knights of the round table, King Arthur or others from various picture books like Sir Gadabout

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Alice in Wonderland, King Arthur or a Knight, White Rabbit

The bible is a book and also an easy one for dress up. Here we have an shepherd and an angel.

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any Bible characters

Horrid Henry – normal boys clothes, but messy; don’t tuck your shirt in and wear dirty shoes. Scruffy hair too!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar -– dress all in green and make a paper plate mask of a caterpillar face

Rainbow Fairies – girls can wear their best fairy costumes; most girls have at least one! There are over 50 of these to choose from, many in regular clothes just with wings added. Possibilities are endless!

Gruffalo– either the official suit or dress all in brown, draw a green wart on the nose and and white teeth or download and colour a mask!

Characters in School Uniform– Use your child’s school uniform and accessorise. My daughter was a great Hermione by changing her tie, and back combing her hair. We printed a cover for an old book to finish off her look.

For Harry Potter, wear the same uniform (boys of course) add fake round glasses, and a drawn on scar on his forehead.

Hermione from Harry Potter, www.toddlebabes.co.uk, world book day, dress up

Hermione from Harry Potter

Dracula is an 1897 Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker.

Dracula – (or a vampire) is usually in our Halloween dress up, so by adding face paint, he really looks the part!


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Goldilocks– A yellow dress and tights, blonde hair or a wig if you’re not blond!

Red Riding Hood – A pretty dress with a red cloak/coat over it and a basket with a gingham red and white checked cover.

King Arthur– Another more flashy and shiny knight worked well as King Arthur!

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King Arthur

Snow White– Copy her outfit of yellow and blue dress, wear a ribbon in your hair

Cats- “Book world” is full of cat characters. All black clothes, a leg cut from old black tights filled with crunched up carrier bags, and a head band with cardboard ears make a great cat.

Black Cat Dress Up Costume, Halloween costume, www.toddlebabes.co.uk, world book day, dress up

Black Cat (many books have a cat) add boots and a coat and you have Puss In Boots

Rabbits- This Rabbit costume was for my daughter’s Alice in Wonderland themed party and an Easter dress up and was perfect for my youngest. There are rabbits in many stories, so you could pick any of them. Other rabbits: Little Rabbit FooFoo, Mad March Hare, Peter Rabbit, Thumper…

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White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland and other stories

Bears- Winnie the Pooh, Berenstain Bears, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Paddington bear…

Princesses- There are many princesses in fairy tales. Pick one and let her be a princess for the day.

Felicity Wishes – wear a pretty pink fairy costume and a wand

Winnie the Witch -– wear a short black dress and stripy tights and carry a black soft toy cat -if you have one!

The Worst Witch –- dress up as a witch

Pretty Princess Dress Up Costume, Halloween Dress up,www.toddlebabes.co.uk, world book day, dress up girls dress up

Pretty Princess from any princess fairytale

Charlie Bucket– For the boy who does not like dressing up. How about Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Brown corduroys, collared shirt and a patterned jumper is all you need. Even better if they don’t fit exactly right! I printed a Wonka bar cover and slipped a printed golden ticket inside as his prop.

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Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a 1964 children’s book by British author Roald Dahl.

Danny, Champion of the World– Jeans and a red jumper

Girls– There are many girl characters in Jacqueline Wilson’s books to choose from. Here we have Hetty Feather from the series of books about her. An over-sized tunic from the charity shop, a plain white school shirt and a crocheted “poncho” and her ballet tights and school shoes complete the look.

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Hetty Feather from the Series by Jacqueline Wilson

Hetty Feather is a book by best selling author, Jacqueline Wilson. It is about a young girl who is abandoned by her mother at the Foundling Hospital as a baby.

Gossip Girls – older girls could style themselves as their favorite Gossip Girl!

Sleepover Club – wear pyjamas and slippers, and take a teddy!

Fern from Charlotte’s Web -– dungarees or jeans, checked blouse, hair in bunches

Moon Face from the Magic Faraway Tree-– make a paper plate mask and wear stripy trousers and stuff your shirt for a round belly.

Saucepan Man  from the Magic Faraway Tree–- cover your body with pans.

Charlie and Lola – perfect for a blonde brother and sister and they can just wear normal children’s clothes.

Spiderwick Chronicles – the children just wear normal clothes.

Moll- from The Dream Snatcher– Wear a red long dress, smudged with dirt, hair loosely tied and scruffy, black boots and a catapult accessory.



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